Rick Ellis, Ward 2

Alabaster Connection: What items/projects included in this year’s budget will directly affect Ward 2 residents?

Rick Ellis: The biggest project that will affect Ward 2 is the construction of Patriots Park. I am really excited about this! If you drive by the park on Industrial Road, you can see the progress being made almost on a daily basis, and you can really see the park coming together. When complete, it will give the residents in the north part of town a place to go for a walk, take their kids and grandkids to play on the playground, play basketball and pickleball, and just relax.

AC: What are the most pressing issues for your constituents?  

RE: I think the most pressing issues for our ward like everyone else in Alabaster, are traffic and trains.

AC: What other projects happening this year are you excited about?

RE: I am sure everyone can see that we have a lot going on. As I mentioned, I am really excited about Patriots Park, but I am also excited to see the Police Station completed as well as the construction of the Amphitheater at the green space by City Hall. We also continue to make upgrades at Veterans Park that will allow the city to host more and larger soccer, baseball, and softball tournaments which will bring more visitors to the city.

AC: What issues in Alabaster are you paying particular attention to right now, and what are you looking forward to for 2023? 

RE: I think, like everyone else, I am particularly interested in the traffic issues around town, so I am excited to see the progress that will be made on the ALDOT widening project of Highway 119 as well as possible progress that might be made on phase 2 of that project. I am also interested in the current ALDOT project on U.S. Hwy 31. I am really hoping that will have a positive impact on the flow of traffic there as well.

AC: Do you make New Year’s resolutions? If so, what are your resolutions this year?

RE: I don’t really make New Year resolutions, but if I do, they are probably like a lot of other people, to lose weight, exercise more, and just to do a little better. I usually blow them by the end of January.

AC:  How did you feel about the 7A State Championship Game?

RE: It was a dominating performance! The program that Coach Mark Freeman and his staff have built here in Alabaster is truly historic! I can’t imagine that there has been another senior class ever in this state that has won four straight football State Championships. Enjoy the four rings guys! Amazing!