City Profile – Misty Gordon

May 5, 2024By Kristine Alford

Misty Gordon, Executive Assistant to the Mayor Misty Gordon grew up in Hueytown and married her high school sweetheart, John, who she had a crush on from her skating rink days. Married 32 years, they have a daughter Lauren and soon-to-be son in law, Ryan. Misty, John, and then two-year-old Lauren moved to Alabaster on … Read More

Remembering Jerry Young

March 4, 2024By Alabaster Connection

By Tim Melton In the sports world, participants strive to attain wins and avoid losses. In January, the most dramatic loss for Thompson Athletics was that of its cherished voice. My heart still aches over the unforeseen death of legendary play-by-play broadcaster Jerry Young. The man I knew was worthy of all the various accolades … Read More

A Man of Many Talents: Dr. John Myrick

January 1, 2024By Alabaster Connection

John Myrick has been a distinguished member of the Alabaster Board of Education since its beginnings in 2012. His wealth of experience and expertise in the fields of education, music, and science and his contributions to the Alabaster community have been both influential and commendable. His commitment to excellence has made him a respected figure … Read More

Words of Wisdom from Alabaster’s Teen Council

October 26, 2023By Alabaster Connection

As the first semester of school ends, some of the members of the Alabaster Teen Council share their ideas for making the school year the best it can be. Making High School the Best it can Be In high school, teenagers get a chance to establish their independence and navigate their education, friendships, and more. … Read More

The Story of Sisters CANcervive

October 25, 2023By Alabaster Connection

These strong women give up their time to support each other and many others through an annual consignment sale. In 2016, Taliesha Cash, the founder and Executive Director of Sisters CANcervive, received the news that no one wants to hear when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cash chose a naturopathic path for her treatments … Read More

Meet Thompson High School’s new principal Mike Lee

September 7, 2023By Alabaster Connection

Honesty, Humility and Service By Barry Wise Smith Mike Lee, the new principal of Thompson High School, has developed three core beliefs that have guided him during his 16-year administrative career. “Be honest, be humble, and serve others,” Lee says. “That’s who I am in my life and career.” Since Lee took the principal’s desk … Read More

Councilor Corner: Zach Zahariadis, Ward 6

September 6, 2023By Alabaster Connection

How has your first year on the City Council gone? My first year has been truly amazing. This opportunity has allowed me to serve in a capacity that I would have never thought possible. I now see how vital a communicative and transparent team of not only council members but city administrators, employees, and Mayor … Read More

Alabaster City News

September 6, 2023By Alabaster Connection

Walk of Honor A portion of the new Alabaster Police Department grounds will be dedicated to honoring Alabaster’s former police chiefs. The Walk of Honor will be next to the department’s fountain, and will recognize the following individuals: William P. Hill        (Chief of Police 1953-1956) O. O. Lee          … Read More

Paying it Forward with Coast Guard Veteran Shannon Layton

July 5, 2023By Alabaster Connection

Coast Guard Veteran Shannon Layton turned her trauma into support for others By Lori Culpepper After enduring the devastating effects of a hospital-acquired infection that occurred soon after joining the military, Shannon Layton started down a path to improve the quality of healthcare for veterans like herself. Layton is part of a home church group … Read More