By Brandon Matthews

Randi Dicus has been serving on our team for several years now. Her dedication to the City of Alabaster is inspiring. In addition to For Tomorrow, she serves on the city’s beautification board, is heavily involved in her local church, and serves in various capacities throughout Alabaster. She truly believes that what she does today is For Tomorrow. Below Randi shares why the mission and vision of For Tomorrow is important to her and highlights some of the incredible people making Alabaster an even greater place.

Brandon Matthews: Tell us a little about yourself.

Randi Dicus: I’ve lived in Alabaster since 2007, and my daughter Ashley attended Thompson High School. I am a mom, wife, and “Ganma” to Charlie Kate and Andrew who are my grandkids from Ashley Kate and her husband Josh. I have a daughter Jennifer who is in the Army National Guard. She and I both work for Regions Bank.

BM: Why do you serve with For Tomorrow?
RD: I love doing things for our community and wanted to be part of this team to assist with providing support and knowledge to our children and parents on issues within society and within the school system.

BM: What activities are you involved with on the team? 

RD: I take notes for our monthly team meetings, serve at various events that we host and participate in, and I help with planning events and activities.

BM: Why do you think For Tomorrow is important? 
RD: Because it deals with issues facing parents and children today and provides support, guidance, and resources to assist families in addressing issues like vaping, drugs, and mental health.

BM: Why should others be involved with For Tomorrow?
RD: Because this effort helps offer communication, guidance, and support that our community is looking for and needs.

Brandon Matthews is the For Tomorrow Program Director