Brian Binzer is a big-picture guy. “I’m economic development and business-growth focused,” he says. “I like to work with the pieces and see everything come together.” And that’s exactly what he does (among many other things) in his role as Alabaster’s City Administrator.

Binzer grew up in Montgomery and graduated from Jeff Davis High School in 1991. He then graduated from Troy University (Troy State then) in 1995 and went on to Auburn where he received his masters degree in Public Administration and Community Planning. “When I finished grad school, I took a job in Albany, Georgia, as a city planner and ended up staying in Georgia for 18 years,” Binzer says.

After Albany Binzer become the assistant city manager in Acworth, Georgia, where he stayed for six years. His last move was to Marietta, Georgia, as the department head for Development Services where he stayed for 11 years until he heard about the job opening in Alabaster.

 “An opening in a fast-growing city appealed to me,” Binzer says. “So when I heard about the Alabaster job, I jumped at the opportunity. I liked the idea of returning to my home state and making an impact in Alabama, and I brought my years of experience in Georgia to the table.”

 Binzer started in Alabaster in 2016 and loves the challenge of his job. “As city administrator, I manage certain departments and handle the day-to-day management of city operations,” he says. “I communicate with the Mayor every day— sometimes multiple times each day—and I work on long-range projects and collaborate with other departments to handle issues. I answer directly to the City Council.”

Among Binzer’s accomplishments are new businesses he’s worked to bring to Alabaster like Home Goods, Dunkin Donuts, and Jersey Mikes to name a few.  And as he says, “I’m looking forward to working on new commercial developments that are starting to pick up steam such as District 31, industrial growth on South Highway 31 and new restaurant and commercial projects along Highway 119.”

He’s also looking forward to the new police station being completed near city hall.  “It’s going to be a huge benefit to our officers; they deserve something like this. And I’m excited about the future rec center project on the old school board property.”

As for things still on the wish list, Binzer looks forward to adding to the city’s trail system and one day linking city parks with the city center. “More trails are crucial for a healthy community, and increasing walkability and connectivity is important,” he says. Binzer is also spearheading plans for a Citizens’ Government Academy, a 10-week program to educate citizens on the inner workings of city government

When asked his Alabaster favorites, Binzer immediately turns to the school system. “Our schools make this community special,” Binzer says. “The crown jewel is the high school—it has phenomenal facilities that provide a lasting legacy for Alabaster.”

 And as the economic development guy, Binzer says, “The Promenade Shopping Center—it’s the economic engine for the city, and I’m excited about the future there. It’s exciting to be in a fast-growth environment.” Binzer also advocated for continuing to invest in city services, which he touts as some of the best in the state.

Binzer and his wife Callie, a school counselor at Creekview Elementary, have three kids: son Liam at Thompson High School, son Logan at Thompson Middle School, and daughter Amelia at Thompson Intermediate.