Mayor Scott Brakefield

What was once old is new again—with poetry to celebrate our iconic landmark.

Refurbishing the water tower is not for those afraid of heights

Last March the city council and mayor’s office approved and initiated a facelift for the historic, iconic water tower. The $320,000 project was finished in June, and the water tower is now beautifully restored to its original grandeur. A necessary step toward preserving the structure for future generations to enjoy, crews came in and set up a big curtain around the water tower while G&L Sandblasting and Coating removed the rust before painting it silver restoring its original color. Originally built for the Buck Creek cotton mill, the tower was built on its current site in 1896. The City purchased the property in 2013. As City Hall has become a focal point for events, the water tower will be enjoyed by more and more citizens and visitors alike.

“The Water Tower is a significant part of our history here in Alabaster. The measures we have taken to refurbish it will ensure that it is a significant part of our future. It is an iconic structure represented in our City branding and used by numerous companies in Alabaster.”

The following delightful poems were composed by third-grade students from Creek View Elementary School’s Gifted Resource Classroom/Gifted Education program. With deep gratitude to Gifted Resource Teacher Morgan Quisenberry for helping encourage this endeavor.

To Help Us Grow

By Evie

The old water tower

Now has to go.

It is so rusty and dusty,

You know.

We have to let it go

And greet a new tower to help us grow.

I Have To Shine Bright Now

By Sara

I am big and tall,

And I love to have a ball.

My colors shine as bright as them all.

You can see them from the night sky.

It is as if you are riding right by.

They see me as a mother,

Caring for all the others.

I have to shine bright now.


My Real Name

By Harper

Hi, I am a water tower,

but my real name is

Alabaster Water Tower.

At the moment,

I am under construction.

It is a strange feeling.

People are climbing all over and fixing me.

Well, that is my life right now. Bye!


Alabaster’s Jewel

By Collin

I kind of miss the old water tower

because it was so big

and you could see it from far away.

I loved going to the park trail

where it stood on sunny days.

I always thought it was so cool.

It looked really old and rusty,

but I still liked it.

It is Alabaster’s jewel.


Stay Strong, Water Tower!

By Peyton

Old water tower,

So big, so strong.

I’m glad you stay in Alabaster

where you belong.

They are renovating you

Without your choice.

I wish you had a mouth

so you can talk with your voice.

Old water tower,

So big, so strong.

I’m glad you stay in Alabaster

where you belong.

Stay strong, water tower!